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My Best, was created by young creatives for young creatives as a safe space to open up a wider conversation about emerging into the art scene. We talk about what we do when we don’t create, where do we look for inspiration, how do we find paid art positions or one-time-gigs, we look at living on the budget, side hustles, connecting our day jobs with our creative jobs. We discuss, review, critique, workshop and inspire! Who stands behind My Best, ?


Editor in Chief

Blogger, journalist, poet, MA student, who used to work as a model, PR specialist, social media marketer, ghost writer, archivist. Loves the written word, travelling and food on planes. Caught up in the constant process of editing and redrafting while petting her dog. As a day job she’s a restaurant supervisor. Some of her wok can be found on Vice Polska, Issue27, Ramona Mag among many others.


To get in touch email Monyca at: monikaaevva@gmail.com

or dm her at:

Instagram: @monikaevva

Twitter: @monicaevva


Graphic Designer

Julia is a London-based graphic designer who specialises in editorial design, publishing, typography as well as fashion and portrait photography. She has graduated from University of the Arts London and currently works as a freelancer. Apart from that, Julia runs an independent publishing and design studio called phew! press.Julia’s work often touches on subjects related to gender equality, self-love, environment and photography.



You can see her work here:



Resident Writer

Ola is a food photographer, recipe writer and food stylist based in London.
She loves to shoot in a minimalistic style to create a simple, compelling narrative. Her clients list includes Deliveroo, Creams, Walk to Wok and Baking Heaven. When she’s not in the studio, she is spending time on the idyllic English countryside where she is hoping to move eventually to enjoy the simpler life. From time to time, she runs Sielsko Supper Club and shoots on 35mm film camera.

You can see her work here:




Resident Artist

Cerri is a Queer artist and poet based in the UK. Cerri loves to combine both their passion for literature and for art into work which has both poetic and visual elements, making for a dynamic and interesting viewer experience! In their work they often explore themes and ideas relating to their own experiences as a Queer person in the world.

When they’re not scribbling away new ideas or sketching a new designing, they like to spend their time reading, watching the latest films, and shopping.

You can see their work here:



Resident Artist

Sam is a London based illustrator with a real passion for traditional printmaking. He draws inspiration from nature, the city he calls home and popular culture. He has worked on projects for several brands including Urban Decay and HOL group. His illustrations aren’t limited to the canvas, as he often customises bespoke designs onto fashion gourments. The dream would be to move to Brighton where he can take his dachshund for walks by the beach. 

You can see his work here:



Resident Artist

Visual artist based in Gdynia. Maria is a woman of many passions such as painting, installation art, graphic design, filmmaking, blogging and soul searching. She’s a student of Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. She took part in a variety of national exhibitions and international projects. Her main field of interest is the idea of time, disappearing and evanescence. Her creations are often connected with minimal and abstract art. In her paintings she concentrates on human bodies and organic forms. The ideas that connect all of her works are ephemerality, passing time, the things that we leave behind and artefacts. The use of different media allows Maria to challenge the boundaries of traditional vision of art. She believes in collective work and cooperation between artists. In search of inspiration she plays the piano or watches the waves. The sea is her sacred space.

You can see her work here:




Resident Writer

Journalist, poet, artist, BA English graduate, previous Editor in Chief of CUB Magazine at Queen Mary University of London and sexual freedom activist. Loves to battle the negative connotations of sex within media, especially in BDSM and seeks to create a safe platform for expression through her writing. Proud plant mum.

You can see her work here:


Instagram @smol_dee 

Twitter @dee_smol


Resident Writer

A writer working on moving from Corporate life to a more fulfilling and creative life. She escaped London and is based in the countryside surrounded by what inspires her: the natural world, particularly birds, outdoor sports and letting her hair down dancing to house music like no one’s watching. She’s written for theydidicantoo.org, the Storyseed.co.uk where she gets to test her creative juices again and again and joined a micro fiction writing club.


Resident Writer

Jess is a thinker, writer, experimental artist, and semi-professional picture-snapper, focusing mostly on political aesthetics, structures of power, resistance, beauty, and the psychology of
everyday life in her research, writing, and art. Having seized every opportunity to travel and study abroad while earning her parallel BA degrees, she finally settled down in the UK and completed her MSc in International Relations at the University of Bristol. Jess has recently launched her passion project, JessThetics, across different social media platforms to host her social and political commentary, as well as her (visual) essays on aesthetics and modern philosophy.

You can see her work here:



Resident Artist

Mia is an Irish textile designer and creative, going between London, Ireland and Venice. She creates silk scarves, prints, occasional garments, interior fabrics, while enjoying the oddities of making. Mia is addicted to cold swims in seas or lakes, believing a dip is the cure for anything. She loves animals and nature, a nice parallel to her thirst for glamour of the city. 

You can see her work here:



Resident Writer

Emily is currently entering her second year as a theater and drama (the fancy term to use) student at university, where she often observes and thinks about the world of young people around her who want to enter the arts industry. On top of this constant worry she is a full time cat mother and a star wars nerd.

You can see her work here:



Resident Writer

Stacey is a digital designer, creative producer and curator.  An artist with a passion for storytelling. She is intrigued in the narrative and representation of those underreperesented in society. Her osmosis of culture has had a large impact into her lens of the world. Looking into the perspective and mindset of the African diaspora living in post colonial Britain. Her work invites much needed conversations. Blending her love of shapes, warm colours and a 90s undertone, she uses her living experiences to bring art that inspires others.She is the founder of AmakaDesigns; a multidsiciplinary creative business and co founder of No Boundaries; a platform dedicated in showcasing talent outside of the mainstream creative scene.

You can see her work here:



Resident Writer

Poet, aspiring novelist, mental health advocate, content writer and a MA student. She is currently based in the Czech Republic but wants to move back to England. Currently finishing up her master’s degree at Bournemouth University. She loves writing stories about topics such as mental health, relationships, and forbidden love. Her work is influenced by artists such as Haruki Murakami or Halsey. She is currently working on her debut poetry collection called Aftermath which deals with topics such as mental health, toxic relationships, estranged family and society. She uses pseudonym Elise Caverly when writing her poems and stories. Some of her work can be find on This and That Zine and The C Word Magazine. She dreams to one day be a full-time author.  Her biggest dream is to move to Brooklyn and have a cosy little apartment there. When she isn’t writing, she loves singing songs from Frozen and Nightmare before Christmas and watching anything Batman related.

You can see her work here:



Young Creative

As a young zine we are constantly looking for submissions from artists who strive to share their art with the world. We accept articles, artworks, essays, news from the artworld, anything in the spirit of My Best, goes! To be one of our resident artists – get in touch. Tweet @ us, dm us on Instagram or get in touch with the editor via e-mail!

Email: MyBestZine@gmail.com

Illustrations on the page by: @maria_peft

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