Fenloe and folk art

Fenloe on his art style:

At the beginning of my art journey I used vibrant colours and impulsive brushstrokes to create unique shapes and textures. My work has rapidly evolved into its current form, which consists of my trademark bright and bold colours, as well as a simplistic subject. My work so far has featured industrial equipment and landscapes, as well as my interpretation of animals and nature, and of course, food. I am heavily influenced by the stunning works of legendary Nova Scotia folk artist, Maud Lewis. Most of my paintings are done from memory, attempting to capture a certain feeling in a moment. I almost always listen to music to help me focus on my painting, I listen to lots of different music, but my main source of peace and inspiration is the wonderful Kurt Vile. I almost never correct my ‘mistakes’ when painting because usually they end up being the most beautiful part of my work. 

A little bit about the artist:

Fenloe is a British-Canadian folk artist currently living and working in Nova Scotia, Canada. His works include the use of mixed media and a variety of subjects. He was born in 1997 in Derbyshire, England, his father is a painter and decorator, and his mother is a nurse. As a child he developed what would go on to become a lifelong obsession with nature. His father taught him how to fish at a young age, and this only increased his admiration for wildlife. During his teenage years he acquired a passion for playing and watching soccer. His interest in creating came during this time, too. He discovered talents in acting, creative writing, and playing music. At the age of 17 he and his family moved to Nova Scotia, Canada. This change of environment forced him to adapt in order to keep creating. After travelling around Alberta, Canada for 12 months enjoying nature in the Rocky Mountains, eventually, he discovered his passion for making artwork. In the present day, he works a full-time job in the construction industry. His drive to create has only been amplified by his professional pursuits as, in his free time, he can usually be found at his desk working on a new painting. He and his fiancée enjoy movies, going for walks, nature, cooking, and being part-time soccer hooligans.


Veronica and perspective

Let’s start from the beginning – what Wunderkammer is about:

It’s a beg and an invitation at the same, towards all those people who still act like nothing was going on. A beg to spend more time at home, an invitation to look at your house in a different way.
Our homes should become a place where we can feel safe, inspired and relaxed.
Filling the space and interacting with it, home becomes almost like a friend with whom we build a relationship that has to be nurtured and taken care of.
This project was born from a positive feeling,the one of going back to childhood,when even a simple room, could mean infinite possibilities, a universe, a book with blank pages to fill…

Wunderkammer by Veronica

A little bit about the author:

Veronica Carli, visual and motion designer, creative soul and nature enthusiast.
After living and working in Milan she moved to Berlin, captured by the genuine freedom and charming melancholy of this multifaceted city.
As an eclectic and curious person, there she had the chance to work for several studios, in various fields. Happy to have this variety in her job, which is also one of her passions. From illustration to animation, from 2D to 3D, a smartphone screen or the opera theater, she believes there’s no limit to the power of imagination, and design.
Determined and resilient she likes to challenge herself, stepping out of her comfort zone
and striving for all things unconventional, meaningful and eye pleasing. She likes to see the world through a child’s eye, experience life with a joyful, humble heart,
and act with a clear, rational mind.

Beginnings by Claire Stafford

My finger hovered over the ‘Post’ button for ages. In my head I was having a right old debate about
whether I should press it; “What happens if nothing happens?” What if someone responds and I
can’t help them or worse I fail?” “Just bloody press it Claire!”
So I did. I pressed ‘Post’ and in that moment all I wanted to do was reach out into the ether and take
it back, because we know once it’s out there its gone, right? What had I opened myself up for? And
the platform I’d posted on wasn’t scary at all. I joined on an online community called The Dots for
creative people like you and me, although calling myself a ‘creative’ feels like a white lie. So I
checked, and according to the dictionary, a creative is ‘a person whose job involves creative work’.
As an adjective, creative ‘relates to or involves the use of imagination or original ideas to create
something’. Ok I think I qualify, so back to The Dots. It’s similar to Linkedin in so far as you can
connect with people but it’s far more than that. It’s creative in design; naturally, you can share ideas,
connect to people and companies, look for work and offer work. I offered my services as a writer,
free whilst I built my portfolio and gained enough experience.
The post was my leap into the unknown, my beginning. A real, action orientated beginning of
moving from a permanent Corporate Communications role to a new role or portfolio of careers. My
theoretical beginning was probably two years ago. I’d taken a sabbatical to sail in a yacht race round
the world and came back frankly, lost at sea, if you excuse the pun. If you have done anything wild,
adventurous or even been outside your comfort zone you may have felt this sense of “what next?”
or dreaded the thought of going back to a normal 9-5. But you do because you have to earn money
to live, right? Well yes, however for me it ignited a thread of a dream I had years ago when living in
London – how could I do what made me happy without sacrificing my mind and soul to the rat race
till I retired? Security and stability are important; can this only be achieved with a ‘corporate’ life
though? To follow risky and unstable can scare the likes of you and me who want that ‘other life’. I
believe though in this day and age and even more so with COVID-19, nothing is safe and secure. No
one is indispensable any more. Nowhere is safe so why not take a risk? Perhaps a calculated risk.
I don’t often think before I leap, the yacht race is a case in point, and I knew if I truly wanted a
different life I was going to need support, guidance and tools to help me find the thing that makes
me happy, and enough money to live comfortably. For some people changing career can happen
overnight, but in the main it takes hard work, perseverance and an attitude that can see you through
the bumps in the road. So I embarked on an eight week career change course, not without a little bit
of trepidation to be honest. “Is eight weeks long enough to come out knowing what I want to do?”
Will I be able to find enough time to do ‘homework’ each week?” “I have too many ideas and no way
of seeing through them to discover the possible”. And it turns out many people on the course had
the same worries and fears. We were, and still are, a community in it together. I diligently did my
homework; missions and exercises although some seemed either quite easy or weird. I joined a
weekly group Saturday Zoom call where we shared our week’s progress. Had we been successful or
struggled? What had we felt and learnt through the process? I admit some of it felt a bit ‘spiritual’ or
‘deep’ to me, a pretty practical and straight forward kind of woman.
As the course neared its end, and with COVID-19 taking our focus away at times, I realised I didn’t
want the course to end. It felt too quick, I hadn’t figured it all out yet. Don’t leave me! I’m inherently

lazy and knew motivating myself was going to be difficult without the group, exercises and calls to
keep me straight.
After our last call, which honestly felt like a break up, I reflected and realised that the course was in
fact a gift. Everything we’d learnt about ourselves, the tools the course gave us, and the community
we’d created were going to be my motivation to move ever closer to what makes my heart sing. I
learnt three important things from the course that keep me on track; first, any action I make
towards a career change, however small, is a step in the right direction; second, I need to keep
finding people doing the kind of jobs I think I might like to do and talk to them about their career,
and third, you never know where a conversation or a click will take you. My click on The Dots has
taken me here, writing for you.

A little bit about the author:

Claire spends her time in the corporate world advising leaders on how best to talk to and engage employees but longs to slip the mask off the end of the day and work on becoming a full time writer. Interested in journalism and geopolitics, wildlife and nature inspire her, she writes poetry, loves cycling and dancing to house music.


Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Maggie Eve Coffee

Photo by Maggie Eve Coffee

A little bit about the author:

My name is Maggie Eve Coffee, I’m a woman who is 22 years old and lives and works in Surrey, whilst studying at the University of the Creative arts Farnham.
I am a Fine Artist. Alongside being a Fine Artist I also curate artworks in my free time.I’m currently working in photography, sculpture and installation. Self isolating in my university house and creating works within my lounge, which I’m using as a studio. I love taking portraits of my friends with my Canon 750D camera, which I used to take the image I’ve submitted, I am extremely passionate about showing the location within the portrait. During shooting, I found that the opposite building was being reflected in the glass, instead of working against this, I chose to embrace it within the shot.

Daya and the exploration of themes of identity

Daya tells us about herself as an artist and what made her choose this path:

I am artist/illustrator. I create portraits, animations, fashion illustrations and patterns exploring themes of identity. Art has always been something I loved growing up. To me, it’s about how lost in creating I become and the feeling I get after finishing a piece that made me want to grow and develop as an artist. I think art for me is just a way of living. It becomes a part of everything I do and the way I express myself.

Bollywood for me has always been something I’ve loved. Especially the movies of Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The way he uses costume, music, set and dialogue to take the audience to another place is incredible. I feel like I teleport to another place when I am creating and that’s something I aim to do with my art, be able to take people to another worlds when they look at my art.

I never really knew it was possible to pursue a career within art till I began following another illustrator, Inkquisitive, who is doing amazing things in his career. He really inspired me to pursue my passion as a career. Waking up everyday to do something that fulfills me as a person, is a choice I do not regret.

I feel like creativity really allows you to be as ambitious as you want to be and as long as you work hard towards your goals, anything is possible. Through my art I have also been able to connect with so many amazing individuals and see their reaction of their portraits or just how they bring their ideas to visual life is something I find really rewarding.

To connect with Daya or see more of her work go to:

Liars on the Throne by Nicolle

Nicolle Knapová on her piece:

So, the process of writing this poem was actually quite random. I suffer from self-destruction and because of the political situation in my country that was caused by the Corona virus pandemic, I felt so helpless and upset that I just sat in the bathroom, took out the notes on my phone and typed away. The meaning behind this poem is the lies and half-truths coming from the ministers and other politicians in my country. We have only little under 8000 cases but the restrictions are extremely intense. About the articles in the news that basically negate one another. How no one really knows how long will the restrictions last and how ridiculous some of them are. Our prime minister is basically a corrupted businessman from Slovakia who enjoys the attention and manipulating of pretty much everyone he has any leverage on and making this country look like it is the communism once again.

Has it ever happened to you

That you are so upset

So fucking miserable

That you want to destroy everything in your sight?

You want to rip the pages apart

You want to smash plates across the floor

You want to get drunk even though you don’t actually drink

You want to scream until there is no voice left

Find someone to blame

Because you have no control over your life

Because someone stole that choice from you

-liars on the throne

A little bit about the artist:

Nicolle is a 26-year-old freelance poet and writer from the Czech Republic. She is currently living in her home country, working towards a master degree in Creative writing and publishing at Bournemouth University. She loves to write about topics which might be difficult to discuss such as mental health.  

Craft based techniques and installations by Terri

A little bit about the author:

Teri Anderson creates work that looks into the idea of craft in art, textiles, installation and sculpture to create a linear or surreal environment which the audience have to inhabit. The work links to her heritage and how textiles were key in their family history including sample machinists and pattern cutters. Building on this Teri proposes an art practise which incorporates a craft based techniques into the art based discipline of installation.

Didiet Mauludi in photos

A little bit about the author:

Dita is a fast learner, he always shows a high level of enthusiasm. He can work independently as well as be a good support for his team and He is able to ensure that the job gets done. Dita works effectively and efficiently. Moreover, he’s got a head full of ideas and a lot of energy.

First steps in the music industry by EEL

Eel, a musical artists tells us a bit about himself, what inspires him, what are his goals and he describes his album Nigt Time for us!

I’m a musical artist who makes beats. I started my beat making journey in early 2019. Before that I used to upload gaming content on my YouTube channel, then one day I decided to change the type of content I produce and share to music as music has always been a passion of mine. I’m a self-taught beat producer. I often refer to my music as a mix of relaxing sounds if my friends ask me about it. What’s my inspiration? Any other artists making beats. My aim is to continue to inspire my audience and keep making music. I also plan on making more relaxing music since my fans seemed to really like my album Night Time, I call it the relaxing album.

(Eel on EEL) ‘About EEL’s album ‘Night Time’: On Monday 25th March 2019 EEL release his first musical album ‘Night Time’ which features three tracks by the names, RELAX, SLEEP & DREAM. EEL released this album without even informing his fans on social media, this was all unexpected to them. By time EEL release this album, it immediately started getting a lot of good feedback from his fans and even new viewers, who got his album recommended. Many people said that his album is really relaxing and chill to listen to. Some viewers even said that it helped them sleep. His track ‘DREAM’ was the most liked beat out of his other two, it got the most views, most likes and most feedback.’

To connect with Eel or see more of his work go to:

email –  eelcommunication@gmail.com

Create to educate – Aman’s story

What has inspired me to direct and produce my first short film?

Helping people and creating awareness always gives me motive in life. Education in a child’s life plays a major role in shaping his future and it always bothered me when I saw underprivileged children not getting education. These children are happy but unaware and education is one of the prominent medium to make them aware. I see and listen things in visuals and want to communicate my thoughts the same way. It was impossible for me to take the whole world, make a one big conference for everyone and say what I want to say. Therefore, I decided to communicate to the audience around the globe through visuals and that is how Color happened. During making of this movie, I realized that film making is such a beautiful medium and this is what keeps me going every day.
My recent film Heroes was officially selected at the Echo BRICS Film Festival 2020, Moscow, Russia, this year. My prime focus is more on writing, direction and editing. Currently, I am writing a story for a short film which I would be starting shooting once the situation get back to normal.

Image from Aman’s Instagram @aainamovies

I am born and brought up in a small village of Haryana, India. I have a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Computer Science and Engineering. I started my work as an Independent writer, director and producer. The process of film making keeps me inspired. I am always excited to meet people for creative collaborations who create to entertain the audience.