Things to Get You Through by Sophie

What was the main inspiration behind Things to Get You Through?

I was inspired to create the ‘Things to Get You Through’ series when I was writing a list of my favourite feelings in the world, in a bid to make me feel better about feeling strange and restless inside the house. It was a hopeful attempt to hang on to life’s great pickings, even when they are out of reach during lockdown. These memories of contentment washed over me and I felt instantly better, excited even, for all the life to be had, all the immense times to come. I wanted to share them, so other people could remember and feel better too.

A little bit about the author:

 I am poet and copywriter from East London, delightfully basking in the country life in the West of Scotland (did we move here so that we could wear jumpers all year round? Yeah, we did). My work is nostalgic and coastal – the sun or the sea or the trees usually creep up in my words one way or another. I enjoy period-dramas, driving at dusk, coming-of-age films and snacking on bourbon biscuits, in good times and bad. 

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