Corona Virus in visuals by Sam

Let’s hear a bit about Sam’s pieces before we move on to the pieces themselves:

The Corona virus Updates series are my response to the lock down and COVID-19 pandemic. As an illustrator with healthcare part-time job I could see how the Novel Corona virus affects everyone’s life as well as the health services. I noticed change in my behaviour and behaviour of others, that inspired me to start the Corona virus Updates series of illustrations and express my feelings throughout artistry.

A little bit about the author:

My name is Sam. I am a second year student at UAL specialising in Illustration and Visual Media. I consider myself to be creative as well as reliable and enjoy working within a team. I have both practical and digital communication skills, from print making through to animation as well as experience of specialist software. After training as a painter, it felt like natural progression to expand my skill-set to digital design and illustration. I find inspiration everywhere, from classical literature to disposable pop culture. I continue my creative passion in my spare time by hand customising vintage clothing, cooking and visiting galleries and museums.

Few things to know about me:

I’m a twenty-something-sassy-polish boy living in London.

I have great passion for art.

I love dearly my boyfriend, friends, family but especially my bed.

I am obsessed with dachshunds (sausage dogs) and I hope to get one for Christmas.

To connect with Sam or see more of his work go to:

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