Miruna’s enigmatic digital collage

A little bit about Miruna’s work:

Rendered as a digital collage of fluid shapes and vivid colours, the illustration focuses on several different concepts, drawing inspiration from classical renaissance themes, the well known “Madonna with child”, infused with less overt symbols represented by natural insertions.  For instance, the honey bees  simultaneously conjure the theme of maternity as well as evoking images often associated with pollinators, blossoms, sunlight, and such, creating a cathartic effect.

About the author:

Miruna Șerban is a young Romanian illustrator and high school student in her last year, passionate about art, illustration, history and journalism. She has had the opportunity to study arts and art history since 2017 and in doing so she was able to develop numerous artistic skills, a unique creative perspective and a critic eye for everything visual.

During her time studying art she had the opportunity to learn and practice tech graphic arts, classical printmaking, such as xylopgrapy, dry point, aquatint, aqua-forte, digital and traditional illustrations, as well as clay modelling, composition, painting and charcoal portraits. Her work focuses mainly on mystery and obscure messages, using different motives and key elements in order to transcend the viewer into her world. Her illustrations have an organic narrative-like thread alongside a very gentle expressive line.

As an art student, she enjoys going to museums, studying philosophy, reading fiction and non-fiction alike, looking for the next book to illustrate. She also participated at one of the biggest design and architecture expositions in Bucharest as a volunteer. During that event she was able to discover and interact with creatives alike, while understanding more about the dos and don’ts of organizing an art exposition.

Miruna also enjoys writing, dabbling with poetry, articles and essays and is currently developing her first book of poems she intends to publish along complementary illustrations. She aims to further continue her studies by exploring animation, graphic design and digital and classical oil painting.


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