The Source by Maria Krupa

The Source

30×40, 2020, oil paints
This work is a part of series called: Bodies and Deformations. The subject of this paining revolves around  finding the true source of physical and mental sensation. It’s also based on the idea of passing time visible on human body. The organic forms get together to visualise the unity of abstract art and parts of the body. The composition is created in a special way to cause feeling of disruption. Different shades of red and pink generate the symbiosis between the subject of the painting, its structure and the formal elements. 

The source by Maria Krupa

A little bit about the author:

Maria studies painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, Poland. She lives and creates in Gdynia. Her main field of interest is the idea of time, disappearing and evanescence. Her creations are often connected with minimal and abstract art. Laureate of the painting contest “Wiersz+” “Malujemy Gałczyńskiego w 110. Rocznicę urodzin poety”. Took part in national exhibitions such as “The Lords of the Time”, “Girls2: Breasts”, “Mock-up” and other.

To see more of her work or get in touch go to:


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