You Never Know by Dila Toplusoy

Poem Description:

I wrote this short, free-verse poem when I first started exploring writing poetry, about two years ago. It was inspired and motivated by this very idea of exploring something new, in this case a new form of writing, while also naturally exploring yourself, your gifts, instincts, passions. It’s more precisely about summoning up the courage to explore and tap into those passions and instincts, through embracing the state of not knowing what might happen when you take that step, instead of never knowing what might’ve happened if you had taken it… So, in a way this poem is the embodiment of that idea to me, as writing it is one of the steps I took to remind my then-future self that not knowing can be beautiful, if we let ourselves rest in it. And I hope, even believe, that we can.

You Never Know

You will know

When it’s time

Show who you are

No matter where

No matter how

You never know

Who you might inspire

What spark

You might ignite

You will never know

If you don’t start

Similar skies

Seek each other

Until they unite



You never know

A little bit about the author:

Dila Toplusoy is a 25-year-old freelance writer from Istanbul, Turkey. She graduated from University of the Arts London with a first-class honours BA (Hons) in Media and Cultural Studies. Following her degree, she completed an intensive certificate program in Art Business at Sotheby’s Institute of Art. During and after her studies, she worked in various positions with arts and cultural organisations such as Arter, InogarArt, Istanbul ’74, Zorlu Performing Arts Center and Art Night London. Her passions lie in creative and non-fiction writing, storytelling, editing, proofreading, translation and research. Most of her writing revolves around the themes of our shared human experience and inner/outer relationships, mindful and compassionate living, modern and contemporary art and culture, as well as current social issues. As a young writer currently navigating the freelance world, she is deeply interested in human-oriented and collaborative organizations and projects, where she can fulfill her creative potential while building authentic connections and making meaningful contributions that last.


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