Facing Empty Lines

About the work:

Defined as the removal of information from a text before it is printed or made public, redaction can also be applied to forms and images. The Lino print Facing Empty Lines expresses the empty spaces in between what we see every day. The emptiness in our age lines, our expressions, thoughts and movements. I explore the spaces that have been forgotten, by removing sensitive information from the forms of three faces. These sensitivities are an individuals radical thoughts, removed. They are negative expressions removed. In relation to George Orwell’s Doublespeak, this work shows the deliberate distortion of the words that leave our mouths, with the hope of self preservation in an increasingly online globalised society.

In every interaction, we are actors on a stage, often hiding our true thoughts and being. I attempt to remove these masks and delve deeper into our truths. With my lines, I trace the journey of a thought, born a truth only to become a redacted voice. I cut away to reveal these empty spaces in between. The question remains, what is left when these elements are removed?

A little bit about the artist:

Mia de Las Casas is a textile designer based between London and Ireland. Focused on print design, for fashion and interiors, she has also exhibited textile installations and Lino prints. Having recently graduated from Chelsea College of Arts, London, she is working as a freelance designer and artist. She has worked in fashion couture houses and artist’s studios.
Her concepts range from personal to global themes. These include the exploration of tragic emotions, commenting on human interactions, and exploring the overlapping of science and nature. Her work has a basis in nature, borrowing natural forms and making them her own. Moreover, using sustainable materials is very important to Mia’s work. As an ecoresolution, she has resolved to not use synthetic materials.