We are now on PATREON!

MyBest, is constantly growing and we refuse to stop! Everything started with nothing but an idea to create a platform by creatives for creatives where we would not only showcase the art but also talk about daily life and day to day struggles of artists and creatives alike. Starting off in the art industry can be hard and we wanted to show other people that they’re not alone in this! Everything is a process and becoming a full-time artist can be a struggle sometimes but worry not as climbing up the career ladder is a time-consuming process in every occupation!

The very first issue of MyBest, was released during lockdown and we have been surprised with the amount of people interested in, what we thought of at the time, a project of love and passion. We are grateful for all the engagement and the constantly growing following – it is lovely to see that you want to see more of what MyBest, has to offer!

Together with our resident artists we managed to create not only a magazine but also an online platform where creators can share their thoughts, art, feelings, where we motivate and inspire. I’d like to personally thank our resident artists and resident writers – you are a truly amazing bunch and you inspire me every single day to keep going and keep our magazine growing, growing and growing! The amount of work that has been put in so far in the creation of the magazine is astonishing and I believe we can do so much more!

This month we have launched our very own Patreon Profile where you can access exclusive-MyBest, content! We are incredibly grateful to each and every single one of our readers for the ongoing support and we strive to bring you even more inspiring content each month. As now we grew to be an independent art-magazine we need your help to keep building on what we already have and evolve into even bigger collaborative platform and magazine for creators.

PATREON LINK HERE – https://www.patreon.com/mybestzine

We are also always on the look out for new resident writers and artists – if you want to become a part of what we do message us on Instagram or send an email outlining how you’d like to get involved and what you’ll bring to the magazine.

Thank you for those amazing months, we are exited to see what the future holds for us!


Monyca xx

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